Introducing: Atlas, Everything Seen is Remembered

We are all dependent on multiple devices, apps, platforms and services to help us be productive. A laptop running Windows, a tablet and a phone running iOS, email accounts from Google and Yahoo, a couple chat clients, several cloud storage accounts, and social media accounts across the board.

Things Get Lost or Forgotten, or They Go Unfinished.

How often do you find yourself struggling to find something you saw last week or last year? Did you see it on your laptop, or on your phone? Was it on chat or email? Did you save on your computer or to Dropbox?

In short, whether in personal or professional life, we’re overwhelmed because our digital lives are siloed and scattered across a host of locations and devices, all of which struggle to coexist in an efficient way. As a result, things get lost or forgotten, or they go unfinished.

You want to control your data no matter what, or where it is, extend your reach and enrich your intelligence, and become more productive in the process — and you want to do all of this while using whatever app, device or platform you choose.

What Prevents Us from Controlling Our Own Data?

Google, Apple and Microsoft have been locked in a platform war for years, each trying to win the entirety of your engagement in the digital world. The reality is that the war has been over for some time now, and nobody won — the vast majority of us pick and choose amongst their products, and others, to create our own personal, cross-platform ecosystems. These tech giants continue to make it extremely difficult for you to unlock the tremendous value that exists in the connections across your digital universe.

Traditional Search Can’t Solve the Problem

Search might feel like the natural solution, but it doesn’t remember all the stuff you’ve already read, browsed, worked on, listened to or seen but can’t recall. And it doesn’t really help you discover things that you’ve never seen before but could really use. The mechanics of traditional search require you to already know something about whatever it is you’re searching for.

Atlas: Everything Seen is Remembered

Enter Atlas, the first product from Ivy Softworks! Atlas automatically remembers all of the information and data presented to you while also providing you with new and relevant information, in real time, that supplements and enriches whatever you’re doing online — all while using the apps and devices you already know and love.

This enables you to easily capture and search everything in your digital life, while staying more organized, because everything you need is surfaced and presented organically. Atlas delivers you a seamless experience that melds all of your data, context and history into one unified view that’s available anytime, anywhere. We call this connective tissue across all devices a modern information operating system.

Ultimately, Atlas helps to end the fragmentation and tame the chaos, allowing you to finally control your data and take full advantage of the Internet and its profound digital power. All of your content — past, present and future — becomes truly synthesized, totally personalized and available in one central location, making your memory sharper and your insights deeper.

This is what Atlas does, what it can do for you, and what it will do to pull together all the threads of our digital lives.

The first beta product from the Atlas suite is called Atlas Recall and it will be available for public beta in the next six to 12 months. You can sign up here to be notified when our beta is available.